Which Are the Cases When You May Need the Contact Number of a Towing Service Provider

Even though we pass by many vehicles stuck in the middle of the road on a daily basis, we always believe that roadside emergencies will never happen to us, and we will never be in a similar situation. In fact, only a very few drivers are lucky enough to avoid highway accidents and most of them, as you can guess are, not active drivers who use their cars on a daily basis. About 93% of all American drivers have had a vehicle problem in the middle of the road which they were not able to solve themselves. This is when most of them needed the number of a reliable towing serviceĀ provider.

Here is a short list with the unexpected situations in which you may need to call a towing company:

  • After a road collision in which you were involvedĀ and if the damage which your vehicle sustained does not allow you to drive it to the nearest auto repair garage, a professional with a towing truck will be needed to take you to the nearest mechanic.
  • When you have problems starting your engine.
  • When you have been stuck in a ditch and need someone to pull you out and take you to your mechanic.
  • When you want to help someone else who has been stuck on the road and you cannot tow him.
  • When you want to take a vehicle which is severely damaged and can no longer be driven to the local junkyard for used cars.
  • When you have any type of auto problem that is preventing your car from running properly and you do not want to risk with DIY repairs that you are not qualified to do.
  • When you have a flat tire and no spare one in your trunk.

Whenever you need a towing service in St Paul, MN, our team can help you solve your problems. In order to be able to reach Stress Less Towing in emergency situations, we strongly recommend you to write down our hotline number – (651) 207-2770 and keep it in a place where you will easily reach it anytime, like your wallet, for instance. We offer a service warranty and work in cooperation with most vehicle insurers in town!